Welcome to Pine Rivers Private Hospital

At Pine Rivers Private Hospital our patients always come first. Our hospital is recognised for contributing to the provision of high quality, patient-focused care since opening in 2002. We recognise the integral and important role we play as part of our local community. This is reflected in our local focus and excellent support programs for our patients, referring doctors and accredited private specialists.

Pine Rivers Private Hospital is a 79 bed mental health facility that contributes to the provision of a range of treatment programs including drug and alcohol services, ECT and TMS. Located in the Brisbane suburb of Strathpine, the modern facilities and peaceful surroundings of the Pine Rivers Private Hospital help to focus your attention on the value of recovery, rather than the daily trials and tribulations of your life. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, non-judgmental environment to assist people with their detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation.

We are happy to help patients with concerns and questions about Pine Rivers Private Hospital, their stay, as well as planning resources for after-hospital recuperation. For more information, please call us on 07 3881 7222.